AATRN Watch Party: Analyzing Point Processes using TDA


Anne Marie Svane


March 10, 2023

We will be watching the AATRN talk by Anne Marie Svane, available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXMcZtjRlqs.

Abstract: Topological data analysis has become a popular tool in spatial statistics for analyzing point processes. This talk will introduce some of the standard models for point processes and indicate how topological data analysis can be used to distinguish between different types of models. Doing rigorous statistics using tda is facilitated when distributional results are available. For this purpose, some central limit theorems for tda based summary statistics will be presented.

I will assume no previous knowledge about point processes. The talk is based on joint work with C. Biscio, N. Chenavier, and C. Hirsch