Archives for Data Science and Applied Topology Seminar

Fri 15 September 2017
Inaugural meeting
Fri 06 October 2017
Topology and Data
Fri 13 October 2017
The Forman gradient: a discrete tool for topology-based data analysis
Fri 20 October 2017
Extracting Insights from Complex Shapes using Topology
Fri 27 October 2017
Persistent Cohomology and human motion
Fri 03 November 2017
Fri 10 November 2017
Single cell mapper analysis
Fri 17 November 2017
Barcodes: The Persistent Topology of Data
Fri 01 December 2017
The fiber of the persistence map
Fri 08 December 2017
The Fuglede conjecture holds in the finite vector space \(\mathbb{Z}_p^2\)