The CUNY Data Science and Applied Topology Reading Group is joint between the Mathematics and Computer Science programmes. We meet Fridays 11.45 -- 12.45 in GC 3209. You can contact us at

Our plan is to primarily read and discuss seminal papers in data science, in applied topology and in topological data analysis. Each seminar one participant takes the responsibility to present a paper and prepare items for discussion. We expect occasionally to be able to invite external speakers.


Current schedule can be found here.

We will be sending out announcements through a mailing list; you can subscribe here.


  • Mikael Vejdemo-Johansson, Computer Science Programme, CUNY Graduate Center; Department of Mathematics, CUNY College of Staten Island
  • Azita Mayeli, Mathematics Programme, CUNY Graduate Center; Department of Mathematics, CUNY Queensborough Community College

Suggested papers

We have compiled a list of papers that might be interesting to present.


The fiber of the persistence map

The persistence map is the map that sends a function on a topological space to it's collection of persistence diagrams, which are canonical invariants of filtering a space by sublevel sets and taking homology in each degree. Geometrically, a persistence diagram is simply a configuration of points in the plane. In this talk I will study which configurations of points are possible and what the ramification of this map is for the simplest possible case---functions on the interval. Ongoing work and open problems will also be discussed.


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